I only learned to appreciate makeup and other kikay things quite late in the game. This means i’m not totally used to the rituals and folderol of taking care of myself – I like things to be simple, easy, non-fussy, and if possible, cheap cheap cheap as all flaming hell. I know sometimes that’s not possible, and that good quality products are usually on the pricier end of the money spectrum, but i want to know that if i drop that cash for an item, it will be worth it! I like the word SULIT; it describes how i like to feel about the items i use.


I know beauty rituals aren’t specific to ladies (more men need to get in on this action, seriously!), so this part refers to me more than to you. Yes I am a lady. You may call me Polly, but that’s not my actual name. In real life i make art for a living! Fancy that!


I chose to do a boring ol’ WordPress blog because a YouTube channel would require me to show you my face, and i am super not into that idea.

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