New in 2017: Product Reviews!

Hey all! This year i really want to do a lot more product reviews and recommendations. Even if i am not constantly trying new products, i always have very robust opinions on the ones i do try. Since I want to keep things simple, my judgment scale will consist of merely two ratings:


Game Changers are products that enhance the Lazy Lady SYSTEMTM! I’m always trying to find shortcuts and get away with the least amount of work possible. If something impresses me enough to be added to my routine, I will give it a Game Changer rating!


Products that fail to impress me will get a Whatever Sheep. This is nothing against sheep: i love sheep in fact, some of my best friends are sheep. Actually the whole point of the Whatever Sheep is that it doesn’t mean this is a bad product, it just means it doesn’t really assist in my chronically lazy ways. If you love a product that gets a Whatever Sheep, that’s totally your call and I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you! This is a free universe, and the Sheep support you!

Anyway with that in mind, let’s get to the reviews!


A Tamad Revolution

So I finally got around to starting this blog! Hello Internet, it is I, The Lazy Lady!

Quick facts about why i’ve started this blog:

  • I am 29 years old, and I have just discovered makeup and girly stuff. I only really got into it in the past few months, having realized that i was getting nowhere in my career because i still looked and dressed like a college student, and also that I was almost 30 and was still breaking out in zits regularly. I wasn’t taking very good care of my skin, it turns out. So i started doing some research. I watched YouTube, I read blogs and double checked science stuff with my mom (a doctor). There is a ton of information out there, and I was glad to not be alone! It was just kind of daunting to sift through, having been averse to this stuff for 99% of my life.
  • I have found most other beauty blogs and channels a bit… much. By that I mean, larger than life to me! Makeup hauls, elaborate skin care routines, “empties”… oh my. I understand they have their place and their purpose and i appreciate the ladies and gentlemen that take the time to do that, but i am a mere mortal! I don’t buy new things until the previous thing has run out! I have never in my life walked out of a drugstore with more than one lipstick! My hauls usually include POTATO CORNER and FRUITAS. Nobody seems to address the fact that sometimes beauty is nakakatamad. I just wanted to hear someone say “ain’t nobody got time fo dat” ;__;
  • I  have no idea what i’m doing. I have a lot of opinions, okay!!! It’s true for non-beauty related stuff, and it bled into me trying out a bunch of products to optimize my game. I just wanted a non-contentious place to put my thoughts! Facebook’s too soapboxy, Livejournal’s too empty, YouTube requires me to show you guys my face and Instagram doesn’t make any sense for the kind of shit i want to write! So here we are!

I’ve always been kind of a square about ~beauty~ – and, generally, appearances –  because I really can’t be bothered to spend all the money that is required to be a human woman, nor do i have that kind of time. Yes, i know, insert feminist rant here? But you know what, i think as long as you are honest about it and are doing it because YOU LIKE IT, you’re good! Right? #YouDoYou

I know I had to give myself permission to enjoy this stuff. But hey, once i was there? Turns out i like it!  And that’s allowed!

Kay! Prepare for some thrilling heroics.